Product description

Handle with lock – double


Handle with anti-burglar lock that effectively protects bicycles against theft for use in basements, multi-station garages etc.

Product description:

– Carefully made of steel, aesthetic appearance, does not spoil the environment (Polish product).

– Solid closure (stainless seel buckle 8x30mm) placed in a massive casing.

– Cutting off the lock or its parts with hand tools (saw, chisel, hammer etc.) is very difficult

– The lock padlock is fitted in a rectangular profile protected against cutting and breaking

– Mounting on the wall, pilar etc. of any substrate, at any height, makes the bikes take up relatively little space

– The lock is very easy to use

– Thanks to its large adjustment it fits most bikes

– Possibility of hanging and fastening one or two bicycles.

– Powder painting

– Elements cut by laser

– Weight 8kg

– For this lock you need to buy a padlock from Gerda KMT 7510A (S75) – available in our shop

– In our offer we have padlocks and expansion parts.